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Stained Glass Painting Techniques Workshop -

Decorating a Drinking Glass (or a storage jar)

This unusual, fun and innovative workshop offers you the opportunity of learning and using the same techniques that have been used since medieval times to decorate the stained glass windows you see in churches and cathedrals. Designed for complete beginners, this workshop is for those who are curious to learn about these traditional techniques, and then to use them to create their own designs on a drinking glass. Once the paint is fired in the kiln it becomes part of the glass, is permanent, dishwasher proof and will last for hundreds of years.

Workshop Outline

A short illustrated presentation on the history of stained glass, and an explanation of the basic technique. Then you get a chance to examine glasses already decorated. This is followed by a demonstration of the technique, and then you get the opportunity mix up your own paint and start to create your own design on a drinking glass or a storage jar.

You can bring your own pattern, or you may have something in mind already. I can bring along a few design books for inspiration.

The of workshops is restricted to 4 participants to ensure that individual tuition and attention is available.

Areas covered: mixing paints, application techniques. Your decorated glass is taken away for Kiln firing and finished glass is available to you within 2 (working) days of the workshop. All materials provided, and a glass will be made available to each participant for their own decoration. You may have your own glassware you wish to upcycle - this would have to be subject to its suitability for firing.

Health and Safety considerations: Rubber gloves and protective aprons are provided, as a precaution, because essential oils are used to mix the pigments those with sensitive or broken skin should wear gloves. Hand washing facilities will be available.

The course can be delivered on your own premises, or even in your own kitchen.

Interested? Just send me an email for more details



Decorate a

drinking glass

drinking glass or

Sugar Jar

an upcycled storage jar